Monday, August 20, 2007

Argentina: Online gay comic book is a first

Website portal AG Magazine, with the sponsorship of Falic lubricant gel, has launched what the director of AG Magazine Martin Scioli calls the first internet comic addressing LGBT themes in Argentina.

Every Thursday, the portal will debut a new one-page multi-panel "chapter" of "Las Locas Adam" ("The Adam Fags") and make it available through a micro-site specifically dedicated to the comic (accessible here) or as a downlodable .pdf file also through the micro-site.

Las Locas even have their own blog though you must be warned that once you click you might hear some bad trance and techno on the blog as well. I suggest ear plugs.

The first two chapters introduce several characters including Yeni - a transgender woman from Buenos Aires who just lost her boyfriend and has to dress up as an empanada to make a living, Juan - a friend from Rosario who suddenly shows up and says that Yeni should rent out the rooms of her house to other gays, and Carlos - a hot bisexual Cuban stripper who becomes the first person to rent a room.

The comic has similarities with Glen Hanson and Allan Neuwrith's Chelsea Boys comic strip and, so far, it doesn't really feel that different from any strip set in a gayborhood be it in the US or Europe. The frequent mention of lubricant gel also seems like product placement.

Still it will be interesting to see where it goes.

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