Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy belated birthday

Hm, for some reason I thought tomorrow was the beginning of Blabbeando's third year (or our second anniversary, if you're counting). Just checked and realized that the proper date had actually passed (Aug. 10th). So happy belated birthday to me! Ah, and yes, I am back in the USofA but have been catching up with things at work and elsewhere. So it will probably be a few days 'til I can get back into the regular blogging swing of things.


lorenzo herrera y lozano said...

HEY! Blabbeando's b'day is on the day of my santo!

San Lorenzo Blabbeador?

I'm happy you're bag. Missed you.

POLAR said...

Bienvenido de regreso !!!

Feliz cumpleblogaños !!!

Que me trajo de Colombia (je je je)

Por aca nos vemos !!

Mervin Malone Jr. said...

Happy Birthday to Blabbeando, Andrés! Your blog is one of the most needed of its kind and a blessing to lgbt people of color everywhere!

warrior scout said...

just a note to say congrats on the 3 years. you really do an amazing job and should feel proud. thank you for your time and your efforts.

Littlemilk said...

Happy B-Day B.

I appreciate all that you do, and I missed you the past couple of days and am glad to so you back on line.

All the best.

Baleine Bleue

John K said...

Happy Blogiversary, Andrés.

Or should I say, ¡Feliz blogiversario/cumpleblogaños!?

Junk Thief said...

Happy birthday. You're almost exactly a year older than me...in blog years at least.