Monday, September 10, 2007

Musica: I guess you just had to be there...

Yesterday we made our annual pilgrimage to Brooklyn for - yes - the 14th annual Prospect Park Clubhouse Jamboree (and a damn pilgrimage it was - the trains were a mess).

Aside from
DJ Spinna, who always makes an effort to be there, the star attraction was the up and coming Martinez Bothers from the Bronx who showed up with their, em, dad, as they have yet to turn twenty but are certainly getting some major attention.

For my money (and I guess that's pretty cheap because the event is always free and you also get a free plateful of really good food), the star of the afternoon was
DJ Brian Coxx of Soulgasm. He just had an amazing set and was pretty damn sexy to boot! In any case, I took a few video snippets so I could show you some of the fun.

First up, Brian Coxx showing that a DJ can actually really get into his sets:

Then we have proof that if a DJ gets into his sets, the crowd might follow:

Then we have another groovy encounter with Afro Mosaic Soul who did something special with a Thom Yorke ditty:

We nearly missed the Martinez Brothers because we were standing in the long-ass line to get food but we did get DJ Spinna dropping a classic:

And, because there is no such thing as too little dancing, well, here's more dancing:

Props to DJ Li'l Ray and his crew of volunteers who always manage to make this one of the most enjoyable summer experiences!

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