Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My New York: Time gous by con Loli (Redux)

Grab on to something! Take a couple of deep breaths. Relax. Ready?

La Terremoto de Alcorcon is making their New York debut at Narcotheque this Saturday (at Fontanas bar). I won't be able to make it but you certainly can!

We usually don't promote bar night events here at Blabbeando but who can forget the immortal "Time gous by (con Loli)?"

I mean, it's totally ruined my appreciation for a certain Madonna track so much that I always skip it on the CD unless I wanna be overcome by an incontrollable fit of the giggles.

Who is La Terremoto? Hm, a little reminder below.


Anonymous said...

This should have been Spain's entry into Eurovision!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have BEAN there.

Anonymous said...

So I went and the show was totally fantastic. La Terremoto is a real hoot, as are her backup dancers Les Feldeneflesh. She even had a "double" come out and do a song to the music of I Will Survive called Sin Afeitar. Absolutely hilarious. The party was fun too. Lots of Spanish-language alternative pop vocal music with lots of people singing along and dancing around like fools. Very mixed gay straight male female.

PS: I always thought La Terremoto was a drag queen but now I think she's a real woman!