Thursday, October 11, 2007

Venezuela: Legislative committee says discrimination based on sexual orientation should be outlawed

[h/t: GNW] A legislative committee studying proposed changes to the Venezuelan constitution that would eliminate presidential term limits and lower the voting age to 16, among other changes, has also endorsed language outlawing discrimination based on sexual sexual orientation according to Bloomberg News.

In a statement
posted yesterday on the official Venezuelan national assembly webpage, committee member Celia Flores is said to have told a number of journalists - in an 'informal' meeting - that the move came in response to requests by 'several' gay organizations. Namely, the United Socialist Block of Homosexual Liberation, which met with Flores on July 9th.

"The discrimination and rejection," they told Flores, "are responses, in our judgement, to maintaining practices related to the capitalist logic, of the dominant class and their ideology of the normal."

The Socialist Block, formerly known as the Chávez ass-kissing Revolutionary Gay Movement of Venezuela, is mostly a one-man circus as led by Venezuelan gay advocate Heisler Vaamonde (pictured above). I'll give him props if the measure is adopted.


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