Friday, November 30, 2007

El Vacilon de la Mañana and Mariconsuelo

As long as I'm in a blogging mood: Earlier this month I wrote about the experience of visiting the radio shock-jock team of La Mega's El Vacilón de la Mañana after years of criticizing the show for it's homophobia.

I said I had been pleasantly surprised by the reception and by the fact that
Frankie Jay and Juan Carlos were the first to admit that the show might have relied in the past on some questionable humor and by their expressed willingness to work on improving the way the show used jokes at the expense of gays and lesbians.

Today I open Hoy on the way to work and one of the things I notice is an ad for a live show that the Vacilon team will be doing at the United Palace Theatre in Upper Manhattan on December 8.

Along with a few music acts including Calle 13, set to appear are also a few personalities from the radio show including Mariconsuelo (pictured above left).

Maricon is, of course, the Spanish word for faggot and the name is a pun on the name Mary Consuelo used with full knowledge of the double-entendre.

Over on their MySpace page while the image is still there in a similar flyer, the reference to MariConsuelo is gone which might mean that the ad went to print before we met with them and they changed their mind on using the character or that the version of the flyer is a different size and the reference was dropped because it didn't fit.

Then again they also have a picture of another personality, Bocachula, dressed in a brassier and panties.

They did say that changes will come slowly and to give them time but I wonder just how much time they will need.


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