Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bejata does WAD and one blog he missed

As he is prone to every year, Bernard has a pretty good rundown of what gay and lesbian black and Latino bloggers are writing in observance of World AIDS Day.

For the full rundown head over to his (new) Bejata Word Press blog here.

One entry he has missed is Emanuel Xavier's blog post on his MySpace page. Not sure if you need a MySpace profile to get access to it. I've always found MySpace blogs to be a bit unwieldy in that respect.

If you are among the black and Latino LGBT bloggerati and would like your own WAD post to be listed, simply leave a link to your post in Bejata's message section.

Finally, but not least, Kenyon Farrow (his blog is here) has written to remind me that he'll be blogging from the National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, GA, which begins tomorrow.

He is doing it on behalf of the Prevention Justice Mobilization project of the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP) which is challenging the United States government on how it undertakes HIV prevention in this country.

Those blog posts will appear at the CHAMP blog which you can access here.

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Kenyon Farrow said...

Thanks for the big up, Andres!