Saturday, December 08, 2007

Spain: Is Mr. Oso gay enough?

Spain's 20minutos is reporting that the man elected to defend the country's international beaut... - er - bear contest sash at the International Bear Rendezvouz in San Francisco this February has shocked the gay establishment by going on national television talk show and declaring that, hm, he wants kids with a woman down the line and, hm, that he's not 100% gay (he now says that he is bisexual).

Though not denying his attraction to men, Morocco-born Adil Doukali said "I hope to some day recover the good path, to have a woman and children" (indicating that he might be on the bad path to IBR?)

Last year Spaniard Andrés Piedehierro won the crown - er sash. Now the sponsoring organization says that current candidate Doukali lied by representing himslef as being 100% gay - a prerequisite for being nominated as a candidate from Spain - and says they are distraught by his comments (even though I went through the IBR files and I didn't find anything that precluded a bi guy or even a straight guy from participating in the contest).

Doukali also happens to be the first foreign-born man to be elected to represent Spain in the event.

Is this much ado about nothing? Probably. I've always found these type of bear contests a bit silly (even if three of the winners in the past couple of years are personal acquaintances) but this certainly ads a little fun drama to the proceedings and what would a beauty contest be withouth the drama?

Update: Devout Muslim bear to defend Spain's title at IBR (Dec. 11, 2007)

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Oso Raro said...

Silly? Yes. But boo on Señor Oso Español! The right path? Give us a break! And what is worse, we now as the various communidades del ambiente lack the political consciousnesss to say, "Hey man, that kinda sucks... Gimme back that sash, Ms. Thing!"

Mike said...

Meh. It's a cultural difference that doesn't translate once you cross the Straits of Gibraltar (unintended pun).

The response should be a yawn, and a "Whatever, Blanche."

Ray said...

Bea(r)uty contest without drama??! Such travesty! "I hope to some day recover the good path, to have a woman and children", now THAT'S blasphemy.

Lake said...

I really don't know about this things, but I guess he wants to become what we call "mediático", people who becomes famous by apprearing on TV and making controverted statements or something "scandalous".

I think spaniards are very very fond or reality tv and talk shows, so that might explain this.
There's people who'd do anything to get his 15 minutes of fame.