Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bilerico love and some thanks to start the year

A couple of weeks ago Bil Browning over at The Bilerico Project reached out and asked me to submit what I considered to be the best blog post on Blabbeando from 2007. This as an effort to promote blogs that people might not have read before (how nice!).

It might not be the best post of the year, but if you want to know which post I chose, just head over here and read on.

It's as good an opportunity as well to thank, for my first post of 2008, some of the larger blogs and news aggregator websites that have supported Blabbeando by
highlighting some of our posts or linking up to the blog.

They include:
Thanks guys!

By the way, two of those, Gay News Watch and Page One Q, are mentioned in an interesting Press Pass Q article posted online today ("News compilation websites get the word out but kinks remain"). It's written by Michael K. Lavers better known as Boy in Bushwick on our blog roll.

Bilerico also gets a nice write up in the Washington Blade this week ("Bilerico's 'underground flavor' draws gay fans").

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