Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Enemy gives in: Endorses Obama

The Enemy (You! Don't! Know! Me!) has had a change of heart. He has decided to back Barack Obama.

An excerpt:
It all began the other night over dinner with friends (yes, The Enemy has friends.) We were talking (yelling) politics and presenting the merits and faults of each candidate when one of The Enemy's "friends" "graciously" reminded him that for much of the last 12 years The Enemy has been arguing for an Obama.

The Enemy had long insisted that, beginning with Reagan's 'Morning in America', Republicans had learned a language that bypassed the brain and went straight to the heart. It was a potent mix of sentimentality and passion that could —— and did —— sweep folks up from their little lives and relocate them in the epic drama of "This Great Nation", where each became a participant in something historical and grand. It was a narrative that approached (slouched?) toward the divine. Powerful enough to get decent working folks to vote against their personal interests in favor of something greater than themselves, something 'noble'.
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Note to The Enemy: Good luck in explaining it to the hubby.

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