Friday, January 11, 2008

Manhattan Offender flushes the toilet

Ok, I realize this is a rather jarring entry considering today is "Blabbaeando is Orange for a Day" day (if you read this post after Nov. 11th that whole sentence won't make too much sense anyway) BUT how genius is this:

Manhattan Offender just finished live blogging from - err - one of the brand new $100,000 public bathrooms that the Bloomberg administration has bestowed to the City of New York (they might well be the most complicated public bathrooms in the world as well - see buttons, right).

In chronological order: Intro, Tolitet Live Blog I, II, III, IV, V, VI (NSFW), VII, VIII, IX, Outro, and Post-Mortem.

My favorite live blogging observation: "Passersby are fascinated. By a toilet. This is the future of news."

Be forewarned, though:
Black dispenses toilet paper. One will quickly familiarize oneself with that button, because the designers have deigned a little 16-inch strip the standard helping of paper. A word to the wise: There is a maximum of just three helpings.
That, according to The Times this morning.

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