Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My New York: Court grants divorce to lesbian couple

Hey gay New York residents! You might not be allowed to marry - yet - but if you went to Canada (or Spain, I assume, or anywhere that allows same-sex marriages) and got a marriage license you might be able to divorce your partner.

This after a ruling by state Supreme Court Justice Laura Drager granting a divorce to a lesbian couple who were married in Canada in 2004.

As the New York Post put it this morning GAY SPLIT MAKES NY HERSTORY!

For a more nuanced take on what it all means, go straight to Arthur Leonard's blog:
I'll quote his conclusion:
We have entered a very interesting period of judicial activity in New York now, as one of the few states without a Defense of Marriage Act, with an executive supportive of same-sex marriage, with a state legislature in which one house has voted favorably on a bill to open up marriage to include same-sex partners, and with two jurisdictions on our borders (Canada and Massachusetts) in which same-sex marriages are legally contracted.

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