Thursday, March 20, 2008

Retired Miami lawyer ordered to pay Brazilian gay lover thousands depite being married to US woman

A Brazilian court has ordered a retired lawyer from the United States to pay thousands of dollars to his young Brazilian male ex-lover despite being married to a woman from Massachusetts.

According to court papers, retired US attorney Daniel McIntyre - who lives in Miami - carried a four year romance with a young man in Brazil who he eventually named to be his representative on business ventures he'd developed there, including a footwear company. The relationship began in 1999 but by 2003 it had turned sour.

The court ruled that the young Brazilian man did not have the right to demand an equal claim to all of Mr. McIntyre's patrimony but said that he had a right to sue for half the earnings that the retired attorney had made in Brazil. They based their decision on previous rulings by various Brazilian courts recognizing the rights of same-sex partners.

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, Mr. McIntyre is appealing the decision claiming that the only person that can have a claim to his fortunes is his wife (who lives in Massachusetts). He admits that at the beginning of the relationship with the Brazilian young man there was some sexual contact but denies that it was in any way romantic or that it should be construed as having been part of a stable partnership.

This despite the fact that the Brazilian man was able to show that, in the United States, Mr. McIntyre lived in a different city than his wife and was all but separated from her. He also submitted documents showing that Mr. McIntyre took him on several international trips, named him on a joint health benefits plan and put his trust in him when it came to the management of his money and businesses in Brazil.

According to O Globo, the Court settlement ruling ordered Mr. McIntyre to release to his ex-lover "a farm in the Rio Grande Do Sul, two automobiles, two apartments in Porto Alegre, a house of a thousand square meters in the same city, half of the actions of a footwear company, and income from financial actions of more than $86,000 US dollars a month."

The ruling is fascinating to me because it crosses borders and makes an American accountable for his liaisons with a boy toy elsewhere. We'll see where the appeal goes.


iamagod said...

Decisions have consequences, even when they involve gay men in different countries. Perhaps this is why the conservative political establishment in the US fights so hard against marriage rights for gays and lesbians, they're afraid their "secret lovers" will come out of the closet and demand to be supported monetarily.

Anonymous said...

This sounds more like "get the American" in a country who likes to distinguish itself as being far ahead of the negative "South American" steriotype, but in fact is just as corrupt. This is nothing but the same old prostitution that exists from Cuba on down where sex is an acceptable way of getting rich!