Tuesday, April 29, 2008

El Blabbeador on BBC News

And I thought people wouldn't notice but I have already gotten a few messages about this article posted online earlier today.

BBC News reporter Emilio San Pedro was in New York recently to cover issues related to the Latino community and the New York City visit by the Pope, among other stories.

When he called me he said that he was interested in meeting me to discuss the Latino LGBT community in the United States. He said that British press had been covering issues related to sexual orientation and the Middle East (most recently in the context of protests against the deportation of gay Iranians and the case of Medhi Kazemi in particular) and that he wanted to broaden the discussion to include issues faced by LGBT communities throughout the world.

BBC Radio broadcast a brief interview a few days ago and today BBC News posted a larger article based on San Pedro's conversation with myself and my great friend, Diana De La Pava. Here is the link:
Although I did speak of sometimes LGBT Latinos being marginalized by both the Latino community as well as the mainstream gay community in the United States, I'm not sure I was trying to play on the "poor little us" angle which the title conveys. But I hope the rest of the article carries the message that despite some marginalization, the community has been able to become more visible and gain certain power as welll.


miss wild thing said...

I am glad, at least, that we are mentioned. Most discussions about race are about blacks and don't include us. So it is important to make these points Andres. Thanks!

Me said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Well deserving.

BTW, I enjoy reading your blog. It's informative and entertaining. Plus, work-friendly :) (I don't have to zoom pass pix of barely clad men ;)... LOL. I found your link on Monaga. Keep up the good work. (return to lurking....)


Lake said...

Hey! Congratulations! Yours is a superb blog Andrés.

I wish the gay community in Argentina had a nice and reliable source of information like Blabbeando.