Saturday, May 17, 2008

Homophobia in soccer, Part 70: Dalsasso and his cybercheating

Gustavo Dalsasso (right), the 30 year old goalie of Chile's Everton soccer team, has admitted that a video making the rounds on YouTube does indeed show him having cybersex on a chat room with who he thought were two Argentinian girls (surprisingly for YouTube I think I see some nudity in the video so instead of embedding it here I'll just give you the link here).

Dalsasso, who is married and has children, tells Chile's La Cuarta that he's just embarrassed by the incident in an interview posted yesterday.

"It was a private moment," Dalsasso said, "with a girl who turned out to be another person and who brought me much trouble with my wife."

The goalie says that he'd tried to do something about the video but that his lawyers said he couldn't do a thing about it and that the embarrassment of being caught at an indiscretion had only strengthened his commitment to his wife.

Dalassos' sister was the first one to call from the United States to tell him that she had seen the video on YouTube a month ago and that it already had 1,200 hits (it's up to 5,200 last time I checked). He says that he'd just come out of taking a shower and had logged on to a chatroom from Spain but denies he was even masturbating.

His teammates at first ribbed him about it and being so stupid as to be caught in what he calls his "1st cybernetic cheating."

"Everyone shit in their pants laughing because, on top of it, it appeared on a page that says," he said, "Afterwards they put themselves in my place, because it affects my image."

"Is it true," the reporter asks, "that if a bar of soap falls in the locker room nobody picks it up?"

"Ha ha ha, that's a myth," Dalsasso responds, "I don't think I'm the only horny-balled player in Chilean soccer, those that go out with models" adding later "It's a mistake made by 90% of the masculine population; They were supposed to be two Argentinian girls but I had the bad luck of falling into the hands of a female, or a male, because it could be a gay."

Maricon, of course, is the Spanish word for 'faggot' and, if you jump to you'll find that it's gay website described as "more alternative" and "more freaky" than all others which in this case apparently meant duping an unsuspecting soccer player.

For someone whose privacy has been violated in such a way and despite some of the latent homophobia expressed in the article, sometimes goaded on by La Cuarta's own reporter, Dalsasso seems pretty good natured about it.

Where it gets really ugly is on the messages left below the YouTube video mostly from soccer fans calling Dalsasso a fag and worse. Ah! Soccer certainly brings the best in people sometimes, no?

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Unknown said...

ahh, that warms the cockles of that space around where people have hearts. kind of reminds me of that Edwin Edwards quote: The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.