Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New York: Is Grand Theft Auto IV a gay love story?

I'm sorry. I have been as enthralled by what I've heard about Grand Theft Auto IV as many out there.

Yes, I know it plays up stereotypes and that the goal is to get you to do dastardly deeds on your way to conquering the game but key culprit for making me drool over the game is Dave Itzkoff who rhapsodized about the game in the May 4th edition of New York Times ("A Strange City Called Home").

Then came JockoHomo's initial appreciation of the games' images and his subsequent post on the game's gay storyline. And Slates's take on its sophistication and Andrew Sullivan's link to it.

And that doesn't take into account Fruit Brute's take on it! I am not about to spend money on getting a video gaming system just about now but I have a feeling that down the line I will somehow succumb.

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