Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update: Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo says he is not gay

In a press conference meant to address an incident last week in which Brazilian soccer super-star Ronaldo got caught soliciting three transgender prostitutes for sex, Goal reports that the player wanted to clear up one thing: "As for what happened, I did not have any sexual dealings with those people, I must stress that I am not gay."

Whew! Good to know! Never mind that sleeping with transgender women does not necessarily mean one is gay.

He ads: "When I told my girlfriend, she started to shout, scream and swear at me, I think she’ll find it hard to forgive me."

You mean the part about her thinking he might be gay? Or the part about him being caught soliciting prostitutes.

Mexico's La Jornada says that Ronaldo
denied having had sex with any of the women: "I did not have sexual relations because, when I realized it wasn't was I was looking for, I took out my team from the field."

Good use of sports allegories! He says that one of the women threatened to go to the press if he didn't give her money but said that he would not seek charges against them.

In the meantime the
GLBTT Brazilian Association (ABGLT) has put out a statement taking media to task for their coverage of the incident and - specifically - of their biased take on transgender issues.

They argue that most press has disrespected a persons constitutional right to freedom of identity by
using male pronouns to identify the transgender women and printing their birth names instead of their current names. Pictured above is one of the women, Andrea Albertine, who has told press that it was Ronaldo who threatened to harm them.


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