Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tragedy (That's Not My Name!)

Above: The Ting Tings video for "That's Not My Name!" (much, much more at Ting Tings TV here)

I was not even aware of this but... Joe.My.God has the traumatic news that the Virgin Records at Times Square and Union Square will be no more after 2009.

This follows the closing of Tower Records and HMV stores in the last few years (and a recent New York Times article on the dwindling number of record shops in the city).

Over at Joe's someone asked "Doesn't Best Buy totally have as good of a CD selection as Virgin does?" Blasphemy!!!

That might be the case if you are looking for the latest
Celine Dion or Michael Bolton but where oh where will I get my fix of UK dance music imports? (Then again, I did get The Ting Tings amazing debut album "We Started Nothing" for $5.99 at Best Buy this week).

All of a sudden I feel old. The young kids do no longer get the concept of a CD, much less an LP, a cassette tape or an 8-track. Sadness.

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