Sunday, July 20, 2008


The chilly tones emanating from Vince Clarke's synth-pad last night at the Beacon Theater should have been more than enough to break the heatwave that has taken over the city. Then again it was Yazoo (a/k/a Yaz) performing in NYC for the first time since 1983 which also meant Alison Moyet singing her pipes off which almost set the stage on fire.

And so, last night, one of my all time dreams came true as I definitely was in the presence of beauty. The acoustics weren't great and some of Yazoo's old songs didn't carry that well into the new millennium but when it all gelled together chills definitely ran up my spine. What was amazing was watching Ms. Moyet wholly take charge of the 25 year old material and not only make it fresh but also (gulp!) seem to enjoy it.

Halfway through the concert she took issue with a New York Times review of one of two previous sold out shows last week that implied that concert goers weren't familiar with a few of the songs and chatted through the slower numbers.

Actually, it was on the slower numbers such as "Midnight," "Ode to Boy," "In My Room," "Winter Kills," and "Nobody's Diary" that her voice shined. I taped some of them wit my camera but the sound did not come out that great.

The audience, though, seemed ecstatic and the band seemed to appreciate the love. I just hope that the adulation and love results in a future Alison Moyet tour. I am amazed that I was finally able to see and hear her live but I really hope to see her perform some of her solo work in the future as well.


Video: Too Pieces

Video: Ode to Boy

Someone else's video: Winter Kills (from the Terminal 5 performance on Thursday)

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