Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lucha Libre: A Maximo sighting!

From Midwestener in Mexico: The Life and Times of a Gringa in Mexico City:

The [lucha libre] matches themselves were great/hilarious. Very acrobatic with lots of aerial moves. Brilliant masks and outfits. Even jumps off of the ropes onto the ground outside the ring. A few of the animal-themed highlights were
el Tigre Blanco (the White Tiger) with tiger stripes on all his clothes & fur on his mask, and the Blue Panther, whose blue-paw-print speckled tights were vaguely reminiscent of my junior high school mascot (go Barr Bulldogs!!), except for the fact that he seemed to be wearing an adult diaper over them. The other two I found most amusing were Alex Koslov (”The Russian”), who elicited swoons from all the ladies in the crowd because he was the first fighter who looked ripped (i.e. no backfat/beer belly), and Maximo, the “gay luchador”, who came out wearing some sort of one-shouldered leotard number with a fringey skirt. Maximo shrieked whenever he was hit & added the constant threat of kissing/inappropriately touching his opponents. He had the entire crowd chanting “beso, beso” (kiss, kiss). Check out an entertaining video of his antics courtesy blog Blabbeando here or a photo here.

OMG! I know we really shouldn't. But we LOVE Maximo. Let's see if I ever get to see him live (thanks for linking up to Blabbeando, Julie!).

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libhom said...

I prefer Latin Lover myself, and he seems pretty gay to me too.