Sunday, August 31, 2008

My New York: A Saturday outing

I haven't done one of these as of late so let me share what yesterday was like.

Dog, hm, Dogg, er, no, Doug suggested we hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday since their "Superheros: Fashion or Fantasy" exhibit was closing this month (tomorrow, actually, is the last day). Let's say that it was a bit underwhelming and that I can't really show you much of what we saw (mostly because they forbid any picture taking). Here is the only photo I took.
It had been a while since I'd been at the Met so having exhausted the limited possibilities of the 3-room Superhero exhibit, we were free to check out the museum's other wings. Doug foolishly let me lead the way. Here is what we saw.
1. Butt: Yes. Lotsa rock-hard booty. And it didn't seem to matter if you were from ancient Greece, Egypt or Asia. It seemed everyone throughout history was entranced by butt. You know those headphones they give you at museum exhibits to listen to guided museum tours? Someone should make one that explains "Booty throughout history."

2. Pipi Longstockings: I could be wrong here. Still, Doug and I were pretty certain it was Pipi Longstockings for realz! But it might also have been that girl in the Wendy's ads? In any case, I was thrilled. And so was Doug.

3. My next hair-do: I think it looks pretty hot! I'm certain that it will make me look better as well. PLUS, it's art! So I can certainly show his pee-pee, even if it's been chopped.

4. Butt-sniffing: OK, if I seem fixated on a single topic today, that is not my intention. I'm just reporting what we saw.

5. Inexplicable Smurfs, Smurfettes, cows, elephants and critters: You know? I have to admit that I am a Creationist (just like VP candidate Sarah Palin!). Why? It's simple! How can evolution explain the images above at the same time that it says that television did not exist in these cultures? Obviously there HAD to be some Sunday funnies on TV back then. And humans stood next to dinosaurs. Right?

6. One drag queen. Yes, just one.

7. Personal highlight of the day: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest thrill of the day was found - surprisingly - in the most boring wing of the museum - The American Wing. Shockingly this painting provides evidence that a) Matthew Broderick was alive and well in the 1,800's which is creepy in itself and b) HE LOOKED EXACTLY THE SAME AS HE DOES TODAY which is far creepier (no wonder the kid looks horrified). Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller...

8. Fun Slide! So having did the museum, we headed into Central Park. We checked out the rides at the park's small amusement park: Someone certainly seemed to be having an "extra fun-fun" fun time at the Fun Slide...

9. Not so "extra fun-fun" fun time beef jerky: We also ran into blogger Joe.My.God who was having little success ripping open a pack of delicious beef jerky for doggies... to much salivating concern from all doggies in the vicinity.

10. Dog, hm, Dogg, er, no, Doug. And kitty.

11. Mission accomplished, Brownie! And the rest, as they say, is history (fake smile and all). Much, MUCH more here.

UPDATE: To the person who left the - ehem - "anonymous" comment - Coolest guy I know? Hm, I wouldn't go that far. He certainly is the most punk rock, though.


Anonymous said...

That Doug guy seems like the coolest guy you know. You should post more pics of him!

Lake said...

Wish we had those kinds of superhero exhibits in BA!

Anyway, we went to the "100 years of Okinawan immigration" parade last saturday and we took pics of a really strange "drag king" who was part of the parade.

I promise to post the pics soon.