Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ivy Queen is not a lesbian but raps like a man

Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar Ivy Queen is no stranger to rumors that she is a lesbian or a transgender woman.

Online commentary, most of which make usage of the gay and trans tag despectively, probably stems from the fact that the 36 year old singer is one of the few female performers in the ultra-macho reggaeton world or the fact that her looks match the tough lyrics of her music and are not nearly as pop-friendly as Jennifer Lopez (think of a Latina Wendy Williams).

The singer, who was a recipient of a GLAAD award earlier this year, has always embraced her gay fans and never let the homophobic banter detract from her appreciation.

Last week she addressed some of the rumors in an interview with Hoy, a Dominican Republic newspaper ("Ivy Queen: 'I think like a man, rap as one, but I am no lesbian'"). The paper asked her if she was aware of the rumors about her.

“I have heard everything," she said, "but, look, I had a matrimonial relationship of eleven years and carry one of two, which is evidence of my sexual orientation."

According to the paper, the singer says that she "thinks, negotiates and raps like a man" since she doesn't believe that thinking like a woman is not a good idea in her chosen business (oh oh). She also expressed an interest to have children in the future.

As for the awards and honors she has received in the past, she stated “I got tired of awards, I don't think they make me more or less of an artist" and added that she was more interested in her album and concert sales (appropriately, she was visiting the Dominican Republic on tour and promoting her latest CD "Live").

I tried to find a video clip of her great 2005 single "Cuéntale" to no avail. Instead you get a clip of her appearance in "El Show de Cristina" with a bevvy of hoochie-mama wannabees in the audience.

Yes. She is a favorite among drag performers at East Coast gay Latino bars.

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