Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New York: "Girl, you did not just steal our rights. DID YOU. Seriously?"

NOTE: My entire photo album of today's events in NYC here, a run down of events in other cities at Towleroad and media coverage at Chris Crain's blog.It was supposed to be a rainy day but the rain didn't arrive until a few moments ago. Instead, for what was one of hundreds of demonstrations throughout the United States against California's Proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage, the sun shined brightly on the thousands of people that descended upon City Hall in Manhattan. I haven't seen crowd estimates but overheard a few people say that they thought it was a larger crowd the one on Wednesday (which drew 7,500 to 15,000 - depending on who you ask).


Best sign of the day! "Girl, you did not just steal our rights DID YOU? Seriously" (Update: Vinney has the T-shirt here , his flickr page is here).

Runner up: "Prop 8 Kills Kittens" (those on the East Coast who have seen the recent Time Warner commercials will get the joke).

Runner up: "Bisexuals won't settle for 1/2 equal"

Runner up: "If homosexuality is a disease, let's call in QUEER to work. 'Hello,can't work today, STILL QUEER"


Heather Matarazzo: There were the usual array of speakers including openly gay Councilmembers Christine Quinn and Rosie Mendez and the openly gay Assemblymember Danny O'Donnell but the one that truly moved my cynical heart was Heather Matarazzo (above). Part of it was that I felt star-struck (I have been in love with Heather ever since I saw her performance in Todd Solondz' "Welcome to the Dollhouse").

But no. I think what struck me of Wednesday's and today's demos were how unlike other demos they were (in terms of drawing record numbers of chi-chi gays - who usually never get caught at a political demo thingie - as well as the throngs of younger people who seem to have engaged in ways that I have never seen).

It's the Facebook generation (or what Rex calls Stonewall 2.0) and for some reason Heather seemed to fully embody the moment. So when she looked at the thousands of people in front of her and choked-up with tears as she said "I love you all" I couldn't help but tear up a bit as well. Yes, old cynical me.

Wilson Cruz: A while back I checked in with the Obama campaign and urged them to recruit Wilson Cruz for their media-friendly events in California if their goal was to attract a younger Latino gay following. When pundits were questioning whether Obama could draw the Latino vote, Wilson was out there challenging that notion and I was glad to have tried to connect him to the campaign. Glad to see him in the crowd although I didn't have a chance to say hi.

Emanuel Xavier was there as well though and got to address the crowd as well (pic courtesy of Leo Toro). Yay! (Wait! I detect a wardrobe change!).

John Norris: Oh, and yeah, MTV's John Norris was just behind me (above in shades).

Matt Foreman: The fabu-tastic Matt Foreman was in his old stomping grounds as well (he now lives in California). That's me on the left, him on the right. Don't mind my spazzy smile: Francisco De Leon, Matt's husband, was making lewd motions at me to get me to smile.

PJ, Steven and the hubby: I hung out all day long with Steven (in the white shirt), PJ (in the cheap leather jacket), and Raul (the hubby, in stripes). Good times.

And then there was flower girl and the ACT UP guy!

Yes, peoplez, it was all about love.

ACT UP guy was holding on to a banner that read:
You might remember a similar banner led the march down Broadway on Wednesday except that one read "God Loves Gay Marriage."

The creator of both banners is none other than rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker. Perhaps between Wednesday and today he read this piece in POZ magazine by Peter Staley?



Anonymous said...

If only the Queer Justice League was like this, huh?

Today was the first time I actually heard Emmanuel do one of his poems.


Almost got to say hello to Wilson Cruz.

That was pretty cool seeing everyone take out their cell phones. The people who were around me actually were texting Ruben's number.

I guess you were by the staging area. I don't have those connections, lol. Quisas otro dia.

Tony Adams said...

Well I guess I almost met you because Wilson hung with our group and Manny Xavier is an acquaintance of ours.

Vinney said...

Hey Andres, that "Girl, you did NOT!" sign was mine :)

Due to popular demand, I turned it into a t-shirt. Check it out:

Thanks so much for the feature!! =)

Reginald Harris said...

Wilson Cruz and Emanuel Xavier (and Leo too) -- swoon ! LOL:)

Seriously, with beautiful, talented people like this, we know we're on the right side of history....Perhaps the Prez should name Wilson "Special Advisor on Gay and Lesbian Affairs"