Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poll results are in: Facebook 'Status Updates' indicate...

I will pull a Manhattan Offender quickie and peruse the day in "Status Updates" from my friends in the the last few hours (did YOU make the list?):
  • AM: just voted and he will cut you if you are not voting today too. :)
  • ES: says GO OBAMA !! If He don't win - I will slap yo mama
  • KF: just got a text from her cousin Philly: A black man is running and it ain't from the cops. Go Obama!
  • OP: says vote or you are not getting any from me
  • RVH: is sad erection day is armost ovel
  • RHT: looks forward to election celebratory sex [editor's note: a theme emerges?]
  • KM: done baracked the vote! ... fuck ann kobayashi! YES TO RAIL NOW! lol. [editor's note: whotf is ann kobayashy? only hawai'ians know, I guess]
  • RM: cried because of the beautiful people who voted at PS 289
  • LB: holding onto her new (for the 4th time) wife, talking to voters one last time at a polling place, and hoping Californians vote for equality today! [editor's note: those californians!]
  • FA: thinks that only in the South would someone pull up with a BBQ grill and start cookin burgers to sell to voters in line. Haha.
  • BT: wants to remind all registered Republicans, your election day is Wednesday. Democrats on Nov. 4, GOP on Nov. 5. Shorter lines that way
  • KP: is standing out in the rain protecting folks right to vote. it's just that serious.
  • MD: is pondering... Which came first, the Chicken Nugget or the Egg Mcmuffin? [editor's note: oh, wait! that wasn't an election "status Update"]
  • RG: is at voting poll at Rosemont elementary. The students keep shouthing GOBAMA! at the grown folks in line. One wiseguy shouted McCain. It's very much like The Wii [editor's note: finally! a mccain reference!]
  • DM: enjoy this historical day. Went to jail forty years ago with Dr. King in South for right to vote. This makes it worth while....Wow..simply Wow [editor's note: he really did! after all, it's David Mixner!]
  • CG: loves that the entire country of Kenya will have a national holiday tomorrow if Barack wins. I think I'm converting to Kenyan
  • Ask a Mexican's Gustavo Arellano: wants everyone to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially against Prop. 8 in Cali... [editor's note: darn! forgot to make that one anonymous]
  • BW: invites Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman to step aside for America's first black President
Reminder: CALIFORNIANS!! If it turns out to be an early night, go to the polls at all costs anyway and VOTE 'NO ON PROP. 8'

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