Friday, January 09, 2009

My votes for the Weblog Awards

[Title stolen from Godless Liberal Homo who voted for Blabbeando saying "I'm going with this one because it has the most information that I have trouble finding out about in the rest of queer media." I know he has been a long time reader of the blog but I was surprised nervertheless... Thanks so much!].

Not that you should take my word for it (you should actually take a few minutes to look at which categories match your interests and explore the nominated blogs before you vote) but here is a breakdown of how I have been voting at this year's Weblog Awards (basically, you can vote once every 24 hours until January 13th, 2009).

Best Individual Blog: No contest here. Field Negro is it. Vote here. Trust me.

Best Latino, Caribbean or South American Blog: I guess I'll go for the gossipy PopNografia 'cause the other ones don't do it for me. Vote here. Should have, could have? LakeBlog, Monaga or Guanabee? Perhaps next year.

Best Large Blog: Mombian's got's the stuff's. Vote here.

Best Midsize Blog: Hands down. Rod2.0. Vote here.

Best Blog: This is a toss-up between two blogs, both of which I consistently checked on a daily basis during the presidential elections (and usually even more than that):
  • Ben Smith at Politico says "This blog somehow got nominated to the 'Best Blog' category of the Weblog Awards, along with the likes of Gawker, Andrew Sullivan, Hot Air, and DailyKos. So, you know, vote for me!" ("Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion", Jan. 5, 2009).
  • Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish says "The Daily Dish, after a large number of votes, is now neck and neck for lead in the Best Blog category. Thanks so much for the support. As I've said, none of this means very much in the grand scheme of things - and the main benefit of the awards is to surf around and find new blogs worth reading ("The Dish in Play", Jan. 9, 2009).
Conundrum #1: I have actually met both briefly. Ben at local gay wunderkind Allen Roskoff's place when he used to work for The New York Observer and write on The Politicker blog; and Andrew at a Ranch 1 Restaurant on Broadway and 16th Street (I am embarrassed to say I dropped my tray and spilled my Diet Coke all over the floor which had my boyfriend in a laughing fit over how star-struck I was in Sullie's presence).

Conundrum #2: Click by click, I probably logged in a million visits to The Daily Dish last year. I might not agree with Sullivan on some issues, but his take on the presidential race probably moved thousands of undecided voters to reconsider a politically conservative interpretation of the presidential race in ways that made it OK for them to vote for Obama (read his seminal piece for The Atlantic titled "Good Bye to All That" which basically served as an early harbinger of the Obama victory).

Verdict: Now that the presidential race has been decided, this year stands to be Ben Smith's year but for pure 2008 best blogginess you should cast a vote for Andrew Sullivan. And not because what I wrote above. Or because he's gay. Or a hottie (not that Ben isn't a hottie even if he is straight). Or the fact that Sullivan likes chicken burgers at Ranch 1 (not that Ben doesn't like Ranch 1 chicken subs because he just might). But it is just a matter that 2008 was AS's year (and is Ranch 1 around anymore anyway?). Anyway cast your vote here before I sink in deeper and get into trouble.

And, finally, Best LGBT Blog: By all means! Do not vote for Blabbeando!!! I'll come in last anyway so the vote might be a wasted one!! Joe.My.God knows we love him (and he is a past winner plus he's got enough voters clicking anyway due to his unorthodox - and some may say deceitful - ploys). We also love Pam and Bilerico. And TransGriot also certainly deserves a vote or two or ten or forty...

But This Girl Called Automatic Win has certainly has shown some moxie this year. She has also given me a choo-choo train and called me "an excellent blogger" which is certainly enough to buy my vote! Plus she also knows the Joe.My.Godness so why not vote for Girliness?

Vote for TGCAW here! Yay, kitty!

The 2008 Weblog Awards


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but Andrew Sullivan had exactly nothing to do with the electoral outcome. He's a smart guy, but really, undecided voters don't put stock in his work. His audience is mostly comprised of gay men--mostly affluent, mostly white. You probably had more of an effect on the election than Andrew Sullivan did.

libhom said...

Personally, I don't really care about who wins the awards. I think peoples' discussion about who they like and why is much more interesting than who wins. Therefore, the only wasted vote to me is the undiscussed vote.

The only choice of yours I really don't like is Andrew Sullivan. I stopped taking what he wrote seriously long before he even had a blog. His writing style is excellent. However, he just doesn't think logically. Every time I accidentally click on a link to his blog (usually on Google News), I feel like taking up a collection for him for a class in basic logic. Also, his internal homophobia often makes me cringe.

I remember one day when I used to live in DC and worked out at the predominantly gay gym. I was heavily cruised by both Andrew Sullivan and Rich Tafel, but not by anyone remotely attractive or likable. That was one of the last straws in my decision to move to NYC.

By the way, I think you are underestimating the value of your blog.

eg0mania said...

Actually I voted for you!


Anonymous said...

yay, we voted very similarly hehe.