Friday, February 27, 2009

Peru: IGLHRC demands investigation into attack on trans woman; Peruvian TV runs longer report on incident

The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has sent out an alert asking people like you to send letters to the Peruvian government and demand an investigation into a brutal attack on a transgender woman in the town of Tarapoto (please visit this link and find out how you can help out).

Blabbeando reported on this story back on January 30th ("News cameras capture inhuman beating, undressing and humiliation of transgender woman") and posted the original video along with an onscreen English translation.

The case has garnered a lot of international attention to the reporting from Peru's America Television. Perhaps this is why the channel decided to produce a longer segment on the Tarapoto incident. Above, Blabbeando brings you the full 9-minute investigative piece also with an on-screen English translation. Any nudity has been obscured by the original producers and no one emerges physically harmed but be warned that it might be disturbing to some viewers. There is somewhat of a sensationalistic tone to the reporting, but it shows additional footage of what happened that night - and includes chilling commentary from an unidentified neighborhood watch group member who clearly states that these beatings are done with a level of increasing severity, force and enthusiasm. Another man is also heard off-camera telling Techi, the transgender woman, to leave Terepoto or else be killed.
"Never again do we want to see you in San Martin," the man says, "Do you understand? You will return to your place, damn it, because - on the contrary - if we catch you tomorrow or Saturday or any other day - BYE. Do you understand me?"
There is also a brief interview, days after the attack, with Techi herself, who is consistently referred to as a man by the reporter as well. To date, I am not aware that anyone has been brought to justice.

You might want to click on the 'Full Screen' YouTube tag to be able to read the translation.


libhom said...

I think it's great that there is more international attention to these things. We are outnumbered in any one country, but if we band together...

Monica Roberts said...

Thanks for the update, Andres.

I was beginning to wonder if our Peruvian sister would ever receive justice for what was done to her.

Juan Alfonso said...

OMG i just saw this and started crying. This is just awful.

cin said...

What is there to say.....sadness, grief, tears, anger. I feel so bad, so sad for Techi, wish I could give her a hug. You shouldn't have to fight just to be the person you are, but I do think you do become a stronger person, a more compassionate person, a better person in the long run. I wish Techi the best and a brighter future.