Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mexico: Homophobic cell-phone store ad

Oh, lookie-here! Guess what Guanabee's unearthed:

In this regional spot from Northern Mexico for a cell phone dealer called Ahorro Cel, a woman receives a call from someone asking to speak to her, “maricon,” or faggot, son. To which she replies, “He’s no faggot!” To which her son, who has popped out of the adjoining room in drag, applying blush, replies in his queeniest whine, “Yes I am, mah!” Then the announcer says something about expecting the unexpected from Ahorro Cel. And then there’s a gay little person because all adds about Mexicans must feature a little person.
Oh. Joy.

A commenter at Guanabee says that it's an old spot that has been making the rounds online. Guanabee ads:
We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, but we are taken aback by the fact that they could use the word “maricon” on television let alone that a brand would want to associate themselves with such bigotry. Even in Mexico. But, then again, this ad is from Sonora which is in the northern part of Mexico which is kind of like saying it’s in Alabama. (Or California.) It has a decidedly machista/homophobic culture. So, if anyone in the world was going to get away with it, it was these people.


Anonymous said...

Phone stalking, bad novela style acting, and homophobia all in one.


Anonymous said...

That commercial is so bad it's epic.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, but once you noted that Sonora is like Alabama I understood it. I wonder if there is a Belt de Bible in Mexico?
Adios - Zeke

Rober said...

Malisima la publicidad.
Hay gente para todo.