Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photos from the anti-Prop. 8 Rally and March in NYC

So there was this little court ruling in California today that ticked off a couple of people or more. Basically, with the exception of a Latino justice member, the court ruled that Proposition 8, which banned marriage equality in California back in November, should stand, even as they also decided that the 18,000+ marriages between same-sex couples that had taken place in the state until the voter referendum passed, would also stand.

In response there were 100+ rallies all over the country today and - wouldn't you know it - I decided I would go crash the NYC rally. Here, dear readers, is the rally in pictures.

An estimated 2,000 people marched in New York City but, to my knowledge, nobody got arrested (unlike protesters in San Francisco where 200+ people were arrested). Marchers met in front of Stonewall at Sheridan Square and promptly began to make their way to Union Square going up on 6th Avenue.

There were a couple of eye-catching banners up front...

First of all was the glittery green banner calling for a brand new March on Washington DC for Full Equality. The idea, which I personally think is counter-productive in that it draws too much energy for the impact it might get, has been recently championed by Californian activist Robin Tyler and, most recently, long-time LGBT rights political figure David Mixner.

The banner was actually the work of banner-maven (and rainbow flag creator) Gilbert Baker. More on him later.

The second banner directly appealed to sentiment that, in light of all the recent advances and setbacks when it comes to marriage equality, President Barack Obama has been mostly silent. On that respect, and as an early Obama supporter, you might be surprised to know I am in agreement, even though I also think some of the anti-Obama sentiment stems from lingering disappointment among some New York Hillary Clinton supporters that she did not win the presidency (and those who will always remain weary of Obama on LGBT issues despite his overtures to the LGBT community and the fact that this is still a young presidential term).

Most folk, though, were marching without an agenda other than to be recognized as equals.

Also, along the way, folks standing in apartment windows and balconies cheering the marchers on.

And, finally, a gathering at Union Square, with several speakers including New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Back to Gilbert Baker: Facing Union Square, is clothing store Filene's Basement. At one point someone pointed out to me that two men were standing up on the 6th floor and had unfurled a banner that read "New York Marriage Equality Now". It was Mr. Baker and a friend, who were promptly asked to fold the banner by the store's staff (additional photos in the link at the bottom of this post).

Good friends were seen, including Dougie (above) and Diana (below). Also seen: Pedro Julio Serrano, Dulce Reyes, Johnny Wilches, Joe Jervis, Father Tony, Rod Towsend, Paul Schindler, Wayne Hoffman, Wayne Besen, Andy Towleroad, Pedro Julio Serrano, Michael Camacho, Mike P., Paul Vitale, Noel "Double-Headed Disco" Alicea, Jason Nelson, Dulce Reyes, Andres Hoyos, John Ozed, Sophia Pazos, Jason Haas and many, many others.

I did not take video but Russia Today did this report featuring Diana and Dulce:

And Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God took this video as well:

Boy in Bushwick has additional photos and videos here.

And over on the West Coast, Rex captured images of a humongous rally that took place in San Diego. Click here.

My friend, John, has some sweet words here.

And, as always, Andy Towleroad has the best national wrap-up here and here.

If you want to see some of my additional photos, go here. Or click on the slide show below.

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