Saturday, June 27, 2009

Village Voice: The New Gayborhoods

I'm late to the game but the current issue of the Village Voice has a feature on the "new" gay neighborhoods in New York City called, appropriately, "The New Gayborhoods of Fort Greene, Sunset Park, and Jackson Heights".

It's part of their annual "Queer Issue" and I am briefly quoted on Jackson Heights (of course, I was also the issue's cover boy! That is, until Rachel Maddow said she wouldn't agree to an interview unless she got the cover story. What a diva!).

I'm not sure I would have bunched up Jackson Heights with the rest of the neighborhoods as a "new" gayborhood (Astoria might deserve that title better than Jackson Heights) but it was nice of Mike Lavers to reach out.

BTW, Mike blogs at Boy in Bushwick [illustration from Ezra Claytan Daniels as printed in The Village Voice].

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