Thursday, July 02, 2009

Latinos at the White House LGBT reception honoring Stonewall 40

Above: President Barack Obama with Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez (photo courtesy of Jesse Garcia).

Late to the game again but I wanted to share the list of Latino folk who attended the invite-only reception at the White House on Monday in commemoration of the 40th year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. I asked the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force's Lisa Emina Weiner-Mahfuz and her partner Lisbeth Melendez Rivera of UNID@S to allow me to share some of their personal photos from the events (there they are with actor Jennifer Beals between them). And I added a couple of pics taken by Jesse Garcia as well.

Each invited guest was allowed to bring a guest so this listing is by no means complete (actor Wilson Cruz, left, brought his brother as well, and I also see a photo of Chicago's Amigas Latinas founder Evette Cardona even though she is not listed in the official list). I also don't know if everyone who was listed officially actually attended but here you go:

* Jarrett Barrios, President, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)

* Evette Cardona, fonding member, Amigas Latinas, Chicago, IL (below)
* Wilson Cruz, actor, West Hollywood, CA

* Ingrid Duran, Co-Founder of D&P Creative Strategies, Falls Church, VA

* Daniel Galindo, Washington, DC

* Luis Adolfo Garay, of PFLAG for Families of Color and Allies NYC, New York, N

Y [Luis was there with his mother, Carmen Robello, who is also a member of PFLAG FOC NYC]
* Jesse Garcia, President, League of United Latin American Citizens 4871 (LULAC 4871), Dallas, TX
* John Gonzalez, Washington, DC

* Lisbeth Melendez-Rivera, Board Member, Unid@s

, Washington, DC
* Kathy Padilla, Philadelphia, PA
* Diego Sanchez, Legislative Assistant to Congressman Barney Frank, Washington, DC
* Sheriff Lupe Valdez, Dallas, TX

The meeting itself was called historic in some fronts while others called it too little too late and window-dressing for what some consider a lack of meaningful movement on LGBT issues from the Obama administration. Earlier this week, Andy Towle posted an array of reactions over on Towleroad. Monica Roberts also posted this critique at TransGriot from her perspective as a trangender woman of color.

One last pic: That's Jesse Garcia next to Diego Sanchez, on the left (courtesy of Jesse himself).

I am so proud of all of them for representing the Latino LGBT community at what must have been an unforgettable event and thank Jesse, Lisbeth and Lisa for letting me share some of their photos. Thanks much!

In the meantime, if you missed President Barack Obama's address to those who attended the event, below is the video posted on the White House's YouTube page.


libhom said...

I would be more impressed with this event in general if Obama had a better record on substantive queer issues. This just seems like a tiny crumb meant to shut us up.

pstlpknma said...

That is exactly how I feel. He is a good speaker, but lets see what he is going to do.