Monday, July 20, 2009

Musica: Dr. Rosen Rosen is not Lily Allen but Lily Allen is not Dr. Rosen Rosen

The art of the remix: I have always loved good remixes of album singles. Some music artists do so as well (see the remix catalogues of Depeche Mode, Róisín Murphy, Kylie Minogue, Underworld, etc.).

What it takes: A respect for the original material; a sometimes radical willingness to reinterpret the core stuff; the technical know-how to pull it off; and, most importantly, permission to release it so that it can be actually heard.

What transcends, when it comes to remixes, are remixers who truly love the original material but are unafraid to put their own spin on it. Rarer still are those who are allowed to re-work on an entire previously released album.

What immediately comes to mind are the amazing 1999 Nåid re-rubs of several tracks from The Cardinals' 1998 "Gran Turismo" CD (an amazing album that was poorly received unfairly). I have a feeling the remix EP was officially released to drum up interest for the album. Not sure if it helped, but the remix EP was certainly amazing on it's very own.

Which brings us to Lily Allen and her "Alright, Still" (2006). By anyone's standards, it was an amazingly confident debut album - and a great one at that! Her second album, "It's Not Me, It's You" (2008), was actually just as good, but generally (and unfairly) panned by reviewers. No matter! Here is a taste from the new album:

Enter Doctor Rosen Rosen. With Lily Allen's permission, he has released a full re-rub of her 2nd album and it sounds great! Better still! He has made the full remix album available to everyone for free at his site. It's a fully shimmering take on the 12-track album and - I swear - you won't be disappointed! Enjoy! And thank me later! You are welcome!

  • Doctor Rosen Rosen on Tweeter here
  • Lily Allen on Tweeter here
  • Full remix download here

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I heart Lily Allen's music.