Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh dear, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, unhinged

So much for Republicans presenting US-based Puerto Rican Evangelical preacher - and right-wing religious darling - Samuel Rodriguez as a "centrist" (from a homily taped in November of 2006):
We have radical Muslims, radical homosexuals, radical abortionists, we need radical born-again spirit-filled Christians to arise. Do you follow me? We don't need anymore sissy Christians, Oprah Winfrey Christians. we need prophetic, devil-stomping, demon-reputing, blood washed Bible-believing, free-from-sin Christians, are you here in this place right now! Are you here in this place right now! We need Christians that don't know how to whine and complain, but have the anointy to bind and release in the NAAAAAAAYME of JEEESAHSSSSSSS
That, from a GREAT article posted on AlterNet a couple of days ago ('Hispanic Karl Rove' Helps Shape Democratic Party 'Centrist' Positions) in which Bruce Wilson takes Democrats to task for even entertaining the unhinged homophobic preacher as a 'centrist'.

From his essay:
Sammy Rodriguez is a point man working to formulate and advance what seems to be a two-pronged strategy: 1) colonize and ideologically infiltrate the left, alienate its activist base, and tie the Democratic Party in knots, 2) work to reshape and rebrand the right and the GOP, as an ethnically inclusive, pseudo-progressive "Rainbow" movement. The latter strategy was field tested in the pro-Proposition 8 push last year, in California.
Reminds me of that other right-wing 'centrist' darling, Reverend Miguel Rivera, as captured on tape by myself back in May as he riled against NYS Governor David Paterson:


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