Sunday, November 22, 2009

Myriam Mercado, mother of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, says love conquers hate

Earlier today, I attended a vigil in memory of Jorge Steven López Mercado that took place at Pier 45 in the West Village of Manhattan. I will probably post some images tomorrow. But, tonight, I wanted to share this video that my friend Pedro Julio Serrano sent me, in which Myriam Mercado, Jorge Steven's mom, expresses gratitude to the hundreds that showed up today at the different vigils throughout the United States in memory of her son. It was shot earlier today and I have taken the liberty of translating her words...
Hi. My name is Myriam. I am Steven's mom. My family and I are incredibly grateful for all the love, the unconditional support that you have given me. That's what gives me the strength, in part, it gives me the force for me to bring a message: Love conquers hate. And this we have to shout to the world. Because... Steven was a human being. He was my son. He was a brother. I ask you and beg you, everyone in the world, that we should love everyone else no matter what's there. Behind of what is there, there is a human being, just like my son, who did not deserve this. In the name of my family and my own, I offer my hand, I don't have how to pay back every... the demonstrations and the love that I have received. So we are all going to bring a message: Love conquers hate. And together, we have the strength.
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