Monday, April 05, 2010

Mexico City: 88 same-sex couples have married in the month since marriage equality went into effect

Since March 11th, 2010, the day on which same-sex couples were finally allowed to marry in Mexico City, the city's Civil Registry Office has received 125 marriage license petitions from same-sex partners and granted 88 marriages, according to city officials.

Today's El Universal, which reports on the official numbers today, says that, of the 88 marriages, 50 have been between male couples and 38 have been between women. Age-wise, of the 176 individuals who have gotten married, seventy-two have ranged between the ages 31 and 40 and forty-five have been between 21 and 30.  Only twelve individuals fell in the 18 to 20 range [that doesn't quite ad up to 176 so I guess the rest - forty-seven individuals - might fall into the 41 and older range]. In five cases, one of the partners was born in a different country (including two Italians, two French and one British person). 

There are 37 marriages between same-sex couples pending for the months of April, May and June.
  • The official statement from the government office of Mexico City can be found here (Warning: Loud audio clip plays upon opening page).
Update: The Associated Press is all over the story and so is Andy.


Stone said...

Nice post. It's sad that the NYS Senate didn't have the forebearance to do what Mexico City has. Living in New York, which is supposed to be the "Place to be" and the most liberal of cities, has become somewhat of a disappointment. Hopefully, some real change will come this November, when the next changing of the guard comes into being.

Michelle said...

Great to see so many couples have taken up the opportunity to make their unions legal. I agree withg stone that it seems rather sad (depressing wouldn't be going too far) that places like Mexico City are forward thinking enough to allow gay marriage whilst places like New York are left stuck in the past.