Friday, September 03, 2010

A break-up song for boys who meet backwards

Today's edition of El Pais has a feature story on the increasing success of a few singers in Madrid whose song lyrics don't shy away from addressing LGBT issues. An excerpt:
"And his huge eyes / And my tongue between his teeth".  It sounds like just one more song tinged with eroticism, but it has something that's peculiar: It's title is "David" and it's author, 26 year old Victor Algora, dedicates it to the great love of his adolescence.  That's why the last stanza leaves no room for soubt: "Our mouths wide open / And his dick between my legs".
Ooops! Did I mention some of the lyrics are a bit NSFW?

Algora himself admits it's unusual to find a song like "David" in a Spanish record. He also admits he won't perform the song live in more than a few places.  "It is auto-censorship, yes" he tells El Pais, "but us gays still see ourselves forced to repress certain attitudes when we are out with our partner."

Other artists mentioned are Carlos Salinas, Andrés Lewin, Fran Loud and Manuel Ríos.

I looked around for some samples of the music being discussed in the article and had to stop at "David".  I'm not sure I like the ending, which implies some sort of suicide even if the man being mourned as he lies on the floor is the singer and not one of the two men who've just broken up.  I actually love the song.  Here is "David" with my translation provided as annotations on the YouTube clip...

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