Thursday, October 21, 2010

Andrew Sullivan: Big Think

Andrew Sullivan is perhaps the best known and most influential political gay blogger out there.  His The Daily Dish blog, which is hosted at the online site for The Atlantic magazine, recently celebrated it's 10th year online (that's like 100 years in blog-life!).  In light of this milestone, the site Big Think has just posted a fascinating interview with Andrew on the blogging life, his politics, his appreciation for "South Park" and the fact that President Abraham Lincoln was probably gay. He is certainly someone whose intellect and passion I have long admired, even before his blogging days.

In this segment, Andrew talks about marriage equality, the current political moment and Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" Project (be patient as it uploads):

You can watch the full 42 minute interview here. Big Think has also split it up into segments.


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