Monday, January 03, 2011

OMG! I made it to Jente's "Personalities of the Year" cover!

OMG! There I am smack in the middle of the "The Personalities of the Year" cover of Jente magazine!  I would have liked to say that I was honored to have been the only non-Argentinean to have received the honor but I seem to have just spotted Janet Reno, Two Girls and a Cup and El Chavo del 8?  [Click on image to make it larger]

I'm pretty sure I'm the only Colombian, though.

This very special wrap-around version of the end-of-the-year Jente cover is actually a clever parody of the end-of-the-year special published by Gente magazine, which could be described as a cousin to the gossipy UK magazine OK!, except with delusions of grandeur ("Gente", in Spanish, means "People").

I have no idea who most of these people are. I recognize journalists Bruno Bimbi and Osvaldo Bazan, singer-in-a-coma Cerati, homophobic Argentinean Senator Cynthia Hotton, Homer Simpson, enfant terrible Lisandro Puzzolo, the late Argentinean president Nestor Kirchner and his widow and current president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The first grooms to tie the knot in Latin America, Alex Freyre and José Maria di Bello are also somewhere in the mix.

It's all in the mind of La Tostada, who spent most of the year sending up Argentinean culture politics on Twitter and, sometimes, spreading terror into conservative homophobic politicians through his mordantly acidic tweets.

Somehow, I find the whole fake "Jente" cover hilarious and feel more honored than if I had been featured on the cover of the real "Gente."

A good way to start the year!


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OMG I am so glad you still my calls!