Thursday, October 13, 2011

Univision promotes homophobia through sister network Telefutura

***START OF UPDATE (as of Oct. 14, 2011): Monica Trasandes from GLAAD reached out to me this afternoon and said that they brought up my concerns to the producers of "Noche de Perros". In response, the producers said they "get" why the clip might be considered offensive by some viewers and have made a decision to pull it off the air.

As for the English-language online version of the promo - as can be seen here - it turns out that a second person used basically to make the same joke as in the televised version happens to be openly gay and is one of the show's hosts.  The producers have told GLAAD that they are more than thrilled to include an openly gay person as a host.

That's great of the producers but does the fact that the person is gay change the fact that he is still being used as the punch joke? If they found the televised version to be problematic, it should be clear why the online version is problematic as well. They should pull it offline as well. END OF UPDATE***

Lately I have been watching a great telenovela from Colombia called "Correo de Inocentes".  It's airing on the Telefutura network which was launched by Spanish-language powerhouse network Univision to counter Telemundo.

On the Univision corporate site, they describe Telefutura as a "leader in cutting-edge content" and highlight the fact that it often beats Telemundo in their ratings - though not during prime time.

Imagine my surprise, then, when the following clip ran during the commercials as I watched the telenovela...

Sigh! But wait! There is more!

The same Univision corporate site has an English-language promo reel aimed at drawing advertisers for the show and it pulls a similar joke using a different actor.

Promoting homophobia on television and lesbophobia to draw English-language advertisers? I have a feeling GLAAD will be knocking on Univision's door pretty soon.

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kyledeb said...

I hope they take out the homophobic elements of these advertisements but I'm scratching my head about what to do regarding some of the worst elements of machismo that this show plays into.