Friday, June 22, 2012

Wilson Cruz on this week's EW 'Coming Out' cover story

"Um, one of these ain't like the others. I think even EW knew this which is why they included Ms. Wanda Sykes - whom I love - on the cover, but then they barely mention her in the article. It is an interesting and ultimately positive article but for that one glaring omission. The truth is that yes, coming out if you're male and white might be less of an issue, but actors of color must still contend with the other truth: If you're an actor of color you're opportunities for quality work are ALREADY limited, which is why so few POC gay actors come out. So, yes, it is a new day... for some. AS USUAL. ...just sayin'..." - Out Latino actor Wilson Cruz on this week's Entertainment Weekly cover story as posted on Facebook (quote reprinted by permission).


Anonymous said...

He is right. Darryl Stevens refused to talk about his sexuality for years. Since coming out he hasn't been in many films.

Anonymous said...

Terrell Carter from Tyler Perry's Madea movies was outted by an ex-boyfriend has not been anything after that happened.

Terrell never confirmed his sexuality but still has a stalled career. So sad how you can't work if you are an openly gay person.

Anonymous said...

Was there any trans representation in the article? I wish the trans community was covered more often!