Monday, April 01, 2013

Musica: Alex Anwandter's "Tormenta" (VIDEO)

Another one of the many sublime tracks from Chilean singer Alex Anwandter's 2011 album "Rebeldes" has finally gotten a video treatment.

The lyrics for "Tormenta" ["Storm"] tells of a lover who sees the end of a romantic relationship coming and wonders whether his partner is aware their relationship is all but over.

This is a storm
This is the end of our confusion
The rare occasion
I wanna know if you see
Each action I take for you...

I wanna know if you see and feel
What is about to hit us

The video is something different. It shows a number of couples of all sexual persuasions lustfully making out while Anwandter sings alone from a boat in the middle of a lake (the video has been tagged as NSFW although you probably can see more sexually explicit material on any of MTV's reality shows).

It's beautifully shot but it doesn't quite capture the delicate mood and heartbreak of the lyrics.

It's also a curious release as Anwandter and fellow Chilean singer Gepe just released a joint project under the monicker Alex & Daniel last month titled, appropriately, "Alex & Daniel".

Still, Anwandter just finished a solo mini-tour that took him to several cities in Mexico and Los Angeles and is expected to hit other cities in the United States later this year delving into his back catalog and recent work with Gepe. He is an electrifying performer so check his website for updates and see him if he visits your city.

In October Time magazine named him as one of ten artists poised for U.S. stardom. I had the pleasure of interviewing him last year ("The Alex Anwandter Interview").

If you want to find out more about Alex, check the following links:
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October 2012: Alex Anwandter during the "Tormenta" video shoot in Puerto Rico (via Anwandter's Twitter account)

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