Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mexican political party demands respect from Donald Trump... by calling him a faggot

Earlier today a Mexican political party which bills itself as the 4th largest in the country launched a television spot demanding respect from U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump... by calling him a faggot.

In the ad a member if the Nueva Alianza party expresses frustration at how Mexicans are currently being portrayed worldwide and takes Trump to task by dedicating the following message to him: "Heeeeey puto!"

The phrase is commonly heard at Mexican soccer stadiums and directed at the opposing team and can be translated as "Hey faggot!"

Earlier this year the international soccer federation (FIFA) imposed fines on several soccer teams that participated in the last world cup for using the homophobic chant.

Just last week the Mexican national team announced a new campaign to eradicate the chant from their soccer stadiums.

Mexican soccer fans, on the whole, defend the "puto" chant as being innocuous, common place and that "puto" can have several meanings including "cowardly," "unmanly" or "spineless." But at the core of the insult is the intention of questioning a man's masculinity or making him feel less than a man.

The Mexican band Molotov has often run into trouble for their song "Puto" which they use to rile up fans at their concerts.  This video is an excerpt from a documentary about the band in which the band, music critics and radio DJ's discuss the meaning behind the word.


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