Friday, September 23, 2005

Farandula: Yuri thinks gays will be saved some day (but still takes their money)

OK - I have never been one to listen much to Mexican pop but I do know that at one point in the late 80's and '90's Yuri seemed to be on the heels of Madonna as the best selling blonde pop singer, at least in Mexico. And, even as trashy as farandula gets in Mexico, Yuri's life could be fodder for at least twenty Spanish-language episodes of VH1's "Where are they now?".

The 19th episode might just concentrate on how her conversion Christianity led her to release a couple of Christian-pop albums that tanked and how she saw the light and realized that she needed her gay fans back.

La Opinion, the Spanish-language newspaper from Los Angeles interviewed La Yuri on the eve of a performance in a new West Holywood gay dance club called The Factory and, today, El Diario La Prensa reprinted parts of her interview. She was asked if performing at the club didn't go against her beliefs:
Not at all, not at all! Us Christians love people very much. And really, what would Jesus do? Love them. Jesus Christ does not agree with the gay lifestyle, or with mine, or the lifestyle I led before. I mean, you don't have to be gay for people to agree with the life you lead. I am not the one to judge them. I will bring them my songs and my happiniess. They are people who really need God as I once also did. I have complete permission from my pastors to go sing for them and to go share with them, just as I did during Latin Pride [in Los Angeles]. It was something beautiful, where I was able to talk to them about God, where I was able to sing all my hits, and we had a great experience. So, no, not at all, I am a very open Christian.
Sounds a bit close to love the sinner, hate the sin to me. And if she makes a quick buck out of it, who can blame her? Now, as for the owners of The Factory and the organizers of Latin Pride, just what is their excuse for giving contracts to a singer who thinks that gays are not in God's graces? Shame on them.

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Anonymous said...

Yuri is a woman of talent, whos is right about God's LOve, really applaud her for her courage to take the message of hope to the gay community.