Monday, September 26, 2005

Forcing homophobic black preachers out of the closet

Is T.D. Jakes gay? For that matter, is Eddie Long? If you are not African- American, President Bush or Karl Rove's religious right minions, chances are that you probably won't recognize these names. Both are among the most influential black preachers in the United States. Both also have ratcheded-up their homophobic rhethoric against gays and lesbians in their weekly services, using their pulpits to instill hate, as they increasingly bask in the embrace of the religious right of this country.

Lesbian and gay African-American leaders have taken notice and have attempted to draw links between the increased synergy between these ministers and the current government, their rise to power and the outright selling-out of their pulpits as a strategy to drive away minority votes from the Democrats (not that the Democrats are doing a great job sustaining them).

I have written about some of their counterparts in the Latino community (the Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr. and Miguel Rivera of CONLAMIC), but now two of the most media-savy gay black leaders are saying enough is enough and taking it a step further.

In joint statements published in their respective blogs, Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick, have announced that each will profile a separate black minister on their blogs for the next five days, leading to what they say will be "a special finale on Friday that you won't want to miss." They are also inviting readers to submit information that might confirm that specific homophobic black ministers might be gay and closeted. For more info go to:
Watch right-wing webistes / blogs scream 'extremist gays' and 'invasion of privacy.' Watch us say, 'hypocrisy must be revealed when it hurts so many and when used for personal benefit' and 'It's about time!'

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