Friday, September 30, 2005

Fernando Ferrer Bites It (and some contradictory updates?)

The Politicker is reporting, just as I posted a few days ago, that the Reverend Ruben Diaz, Sr, one of the most homophobic Latino ministers in the nation, seems to have endorsed Fernando Ferrer. In my lowly blog I suggested that Ferrer turn down his endorsement if it came.

Alas, not only does he seem to have welcome the endorsement, they walked side by side as they went campaigning on the streets of New York this afternoon.

Aparently the Ferrer camp, upset by the Politicker blurb this afternoon, sent them something Ferrer apparently said at a press conference today:
Senator Diaz and I have disagreed on a great many things and we’ve agreed on a great many things. We all know we disagreed on that; we agree on this," he said, referring to safeguarding the health of public school kids.
Enough to sustain my vote for Ferrer? I'm not sure and here is why:

- Sept. 18, 2005: Fernando Ferrer's own "Leonora Fulani"

[UPDATE: Sept, 19, 2005 - Hm, where did the New York Daily News pick up the Leonora Fulani comparisson? I am somewhat surprised and reassured that Senator Tom Duane went on the record as still supporting Ferrer. Also, before yeterday's stroll through Harlem, Gay City News reporter Andy Humm also filed this Ferrer vs. Bloomberg comparisson]

[UPDATE #2: Sept, 19, 2005 - So I have it from someone out in the field that, yes, Ruben Diaz, Sr. AND Ruben Diaz, Jr., walked alongside Ferrer along with Congressman Joseph Crowley BUT, while Junior has endorsed Ferrer, Senior still has not done so - to date. The New York Times, in the meantime, also chimes in with their take on the Diaz-Ferrer press conference]

[Update #3: October 4, 2005 - I have flip-flopped again. I am back with Ferrer as you'll see here]

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