Friday, September 30, 2005

Rare Alison Moyet appearance in NYC this Monday

Well, kiddies, today's chuck-full'o'music news. I nearly missed this one but according to her blog (?), Ms. Alison Moyet (hail to the Queen!) will be making the rarest of New York City appearances this Monday, October 3rd at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. The occasion is the domestic release of her new CD, Voice, which features old standards as sung by the extraordinary Moyet and produced by one-time Art of Noise'r Anne Dudley.

Moyet's incomparable voice first came to prominence when she performed as a duet with Erasure's Vince Clarke as Yazoo (Yaz in the US) on hits such as "Situation" and "Don't Go." Her criminally underappreciated and incredible catalogue includes US/UK and UK-only releases that are worth every domestic or import penny (particularly Alf, her first solo album, and Hometime, the CD previous to Voice.

Stand-outs in Voice are her interpretations of "The Man I Love," that old-Dusty Springfield chestnut "The Windmills of My Mind" and "Bye Bye Blackbird." My favorite Moyet songs ever? "Weak in the Presence of Beauty" from Raindancing and "Say It" from Hometime.

Wish she was doing a regular performance but I guess her Virgin Megastores appearance will have to do.

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