Tuesday, October 18, 2005

100 Posts

I have reached that important milestone in blogging: This, the 100th post.

Had no idea what it would be like to open up a blog, I am also still unsure as to whether I've gone with it in the direction that I originally intended - or whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Seems a bit schizophrenic to go from the "
Nude Avenger," to a subway ad of a Miguel Cotto boxing match, to multi-part narrative of a friend's murder, to queer love and the Zapatista movement, to the death of a porn-star at Penn Station, to some good'ol ruminations on house music, to local politics (and that doesn't even take into account our latest and most recent find, Luisma!) .

But, more often than not, it's the stories that I haven't had the time to properly comment on or that I keep pushing aside for later that stick in my mind. Or the ones that I avoid commenting altogether because I might not feel comfortable sharing my feelings on a specific issue...yet.

All these years at work I have had to internalize my point of view in order to work with as wide a community as possible and one of the things that the blog has challenged me to do is to start opening those doors and put my thoughts out there. After so many years of holding things in, it feels a bit liberating but also still tentative.

I have made an effort to highlight things that capture my eye but are not necessarily in the general consciousness - with a few exceptions, of course (General rule of thumb: If you can set up a Google alert on a topic and get hundreds of stories on the subject, what is there for me to ad to the discussion?).

I have also felt the pull to just alert people to specific news stories related to the Latino LGBT community but, how different would that be from the internet e-mail list that I've coordinated for the past 5 years? Yet, the tremendous changes that have been going on in Latin America when it comes to LGBT rights are one of the invisible stories in these northern latitudes and blogging does provide a medium to publish about it (so expect

Then there's the pull to jump on a hot tip and pursue a trendy factoid that you know ill draw blog traffick (Ashton Kutcher marries Demi! Madonna releases album! Paris Hilton sucks!) that I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Though those Kanye West posts came close.

But... I am glad that I seem to be sharing stuff that people want to read (over 10,000 people in three months can't be all bad!) and I hope I can keep some people interested enough to cehck back from time to time.

So far it's been fun. I'll keep it up until it's not. Or, at least, even if it's not fun, I'll stop when it becomes a chore.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th Post. And man big ups for aprox 10,000 reads! I am jealous.