Monday, October 17, 2005

Luisma: "275 pounds of love, pure testosterone"

Not sure that Luisma Molinari is a real rugby player (I looked him up on Google and he doesn't show up anywhere) but I crossed upon this television ad from Argentina and thought I'd share it.

Click here (and, once there you have, click on "Mira el Comercial" - Once you are there you can also download a better-definition media file to your computer).

For those who are Spanish-impaired, here is a lose translation:


Referee blows whistle and a rugby match ends, Argentine rugby player Luisma Molinari walks off the field pouring a bottle of water over his body. Catches two girls oggling, he looks back, girls are still oggling. Luisma talks directly to camera:

And yes, it's just like that: [People shout] Luisma! Idol! Rugby player! 275lbs of love! Pure testosterone!

He points at his bruised neck:

You know what this is? This is a hicky from a couple of nights ago.

But what could it be? Could it be this [point at his chest]? The fact I play rugby? Or the fact I'm so macho? I even had to get some business cards done!

He points at headband:

You call this a rag? Well, you put it on and you become an native. Me? [I put it on and become] Master of the Universe!

Let's look. They're probably still staring at me!

He looks back at the 2 girls and realizes they're looking at his car instead.

Alright! The car, me. Me, the car. We're like a pact of love! [he clasps his hands together]

He lets out a sigh dissapointed that the girls are not looking at him and walks off the screen. Voiceover talks about the merits of the car. Off-camera Luisma says:

Nico! Do you wanna ride?

[Funny ad, only thing that marrs it is the racisim that creeps in about others looking like an indian when wearing a headband]


Anonymous said...

Que machote! Que me lleve a mi.

Anonymous said...

someone know if luisma play rugby ?????

if he is in front of me I promise that i don`t tackle for nothi¡ng in the world....

Anonymous said...

Luisma Molinari no juega Rugby. Entrena como fisicoculturista, y tiene un gimnasio, aunque ahora está un poco gordito. Igual está muy fuerte!

Anonymous said...

he says "pack of love" pack is the formation of the scrum.

Michael said...

2 years later.... He is hot. I wonder who he really is !?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im Matias from Argentina. I know that Luisma Molinari plays rugby, but not in a club of the URBA (Unión de Rugby de Buenos) I think.

You can find a lot of great Rugby comercials here:¬a_id=938692

And take a look at this:

Drop me a line if u want:


Anonymous said...

Sorry, this is the correct link to the rugby commercials:¬a_id=938692


Anonymous said...

I think he might be a wrestler called, "La Masa." Here's a video that might confirm it:


JimCruz said...

He says ''Pack of love''

And he says ''Master of universi'' haha

A great ad!