Friday, February 10, 2006

La Trevi en Nueva York at Splash on March 7th

Like Yuri, that other Mexican starlett on the come-back trail, Gloria Trevi also performed at some Mexican gay bars last year. Both were crowned as "Queen of All Gays" by bar owners and club promoters who aparently didn't know - or care - that there was more than one crown. Both tried to regain their separate stature as the "Madonnas of Mexico."

Both, incidentally, also draw an almost devotional gay following throughout Latin America and in immigrant communities in this country based on their soap-like lives: Yuri fell hard from the top of her career in the late 1980's and early 1990's and released a series of religious music albums that flopped after becoming a born-again Christian, while La Trevi spent time in jail but was never charged in a sordid tale that included allegations of child abuse, conceiving a child while in a Brazilian jail and the emancipation from a Tommy Motola-like character named Sergio Andrade who went from being her manager to being her husband a-la Mariah (and more recently a-la Thalia). Yes, it's all very complicated and over-the-top and you can read all about it in this 2004 profile from the Sunday New York Times Magazine.

In January promoters announced that La Trevi would go a step further and actually do a mini-tour of United States gay bars and partnered with Miami's Unity Coalition (and GLAAD) to spearhead the promotional campaign nationally. Queerty wasn't impressed but, after seven dates, the tour will come to an end at Splash on Tuesday, March 7th. I'm not sure I like her music that much but the boyfriend is a big fan and it should be fun to see the audience's adoration. If only the promoters had chosen a Queens bar instead of Splash! Actually, come to think of it, that might have caused a fan riot!

[FULL DISCLOSURE: My organization was offered first digs at co-sponsoring the event locally but I suggested that they reach out to the SOMOS... Project instead, which fights against homophobia in the Spanish-speaking communities of New York]


Anonymous said...

You don't like Gloria's music? Did you listen to her in the 90s? She's from my hometown ( Monterrey, NL, Mexico ) so she's like a real Madonna to me. She's as coockoo as one can be, but I still like her.

First digs at co-sponsoring, uh? Oh the perks of LGBT Latino activism. Sadly I don't think she's coming to Dallas.

BTW, why does GLAAD bother about sending press releases to nobodys such as Queerty, seriously, that's what they get. Wonder how three gay white boys don't know about Gloria, well, 'cause aside from being gay they're just like your average WASP, totally into themselves and know nothing about the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

man, i am with Seyd, i love dearly love Gloria.

Anonymous said...

viva gloria trevi
gloria trevi is the best singer in the world

Anonymous said...

Miss Gloria Trevi's name should not even be written in the same sentence as that *other* singer.

Like Seyd says, Gloria may be completly coockoo but i love her.