Friday, June 16, 2006

Updates: Kevin Aviance, Chad Ferreira, FBI investigation

Obviously, we've been a bit busy off-line which you might have noticed by the erratic posting frequency. For now, let me give you some updates on some postings.

Kevin Aviance speaks! (well, it's actually his publicist who speaks for him but that's how The Advocate online is naming the story). A march and rally is scheduled for Saturday and yesterday's Gay City News has a cover story on the case titled "More Victims than Just Kevin" (as well as a related editorial from Paul Schindler).

One more blog addition to the Blabbeando blog list. This one is from Octavio Xtravaganza who recently contacted us in regards to Chad Ferreira for reasons that will be clear once you click on Octavio X. It wasn't a hate crime but it ads yet another dimension to the life of yet another gay man who died too young.

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story airs Monday on Lifetime. Reviews have started to come in: "Leaves viewers haunted" says Pride Source while The Washington Blade says that it "avoids trans cliches" despite playing like a TV movie-of-the week. Inside Bay Area apparently calls it "a lukewarm story" though the review has been pulled off-line for now.

Just as people like Octavio, above, have contacted me as a result of what I have written here in the past, I have to point out that someone also posted an anonymous reply of note to my May 15th post "Yay for the FBI." The person makes a good point that a man should not be held to be guilty until so proven (click on link to read what the person has to say).

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