Saturday, July 01, 2006

Armando Garzon talks to El Diario La Prensa

In today's El Diario La Prensa, Eva Sanchis interviews Armando Garzon, Eddie Garzon's dad, who is the only family member in New York at the moment (Leonor, Eddie's mom, and other members of the family are in Colombia at the moment).

As the elation I have felt regarding the arrest of someone who might have killed Eddie five years ago has faded somewhat, the reality has dawn that a trial is coming up which might turn out to be a difficult thing for the family to go through, particularly if whatever evidence there is isn't that strong. I guess we will have to wait and see.

In the Spanish-language interview Armando tells Sanchis that he hoped that the case would not be forgotten despite the passage of time and that he was surprised that John McGhee, the man arrested in his son's murder on Thursday, was living in London and not New York. "I'm not sure how I'll react when I see him; I hope that God forgives him" he says, "his punishment is in the hands of God up in heaven and, on earth, in the hands of the authorities."

As to whether he thinks this was a hate or bias crime, he tells Sanchis that there are many pending questions which he hopes the alleged murderer can answer: "I do think that I will go to court, I want to know who he is and why he did this."

Marlene Forero, who is also interviewed, tells Sanchis that she recently observed the date of Eddie's birthdate (June 6th) and is not so sure that there will be complete closure. "There are people you can never forget."

Eva Sanchis at El Diario was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award last year for a special series on the upswing in bias attacks against gay Latinos in the city, part of which is translated here.


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